Women's Night Leagues


Alice Hinaga of the famous Hinaga brothers baseball clan, (Russell, Chickie, and George) was the pitcher and top hitter of the Night Ball Association of San Jose. In 1934-38, Alice was the star of four different teams: the three-time champion Premier Pain Girls squad, Red and White Stores, California Prune and Apricot Growers, and the Muirson Label team.

Marion Kawakami of Fresno was playing for the Golden State Bakery team of the Municipal Night Circuit League. She was a defensive standout at first base and was the power hitter of the squad. Her brother Shiro was playing for the Professional "Dairen" manchuria team that same season (1937)

During World War II in Jerome, Arkansas, Jane "no hit" Ota was fanning them left and right on the internment camp team. Houston Astro scout, George Omachi was quoted as saying that, "Jane could pitch on any Division 1 college in America, and probably start."

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