Pioneers of the Japanese American Baseball League

Nisei Baseball Legends


''We like to believe that countries having a common interest in a great sport would rather fight it out on the diamond than on a battlefield. We hope someday Japan can send to this country a team or players able to meet the best in the U.S. and prove to the Americans that the so called yellow-peril wears the same clothes, plays the same game, and entertains the same thoughts. In other words, that we are brothers.

Once that conviction becomes universal, all of us, whether we live in Tokyo or Opelousas, can sing together, ''take me out to the ball game'' and in so doing, can forget the trivialities that from time to time threaten to disrupt our friendly relations.''



Just as "American" baseball looks upon Albert Spalding, Alexander Cartwright, and others as the founding fathers of baseball, the Nisei teams have their share of pioneers who spread the gospel of baseball through the sun-worn hills of the Americdan West, and over the Pacific to their motherland of Japan. NBRP is proud to profile four of the most influential men in the Japanese American baseball experience: Kenichi Zenimura, "Fibber" Hiriyama, George "Hats" Omachi, and Tsuneo "Cappy" Harada.


Kenichi Zenimura

"Fibber" Hirayama

George "Hats" Omachi

Tsuneo "Cappy" Harada

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