Major League Tributes to Japanese American Baseball - pg4.2

Triple Threat All-Stars (lt to rt) George Aratani, Cappy Harada and Masao Iriyama.
George Aratani batted .500 for his State Championship Santa maria High School. They beat Ted William's Hoover High School. Earlier in that season, Hall of Famers, Honus Wagner, Paul and Lloyd Waner were assistanct coaches for the Pittsburgh Pirates and picked George and his teammate Lester Webber to work out with the team.
Cappy Harada served under General MacArthur during the war and helped to bring the country back through baseball exhibitions with Lefty O'Doul's Seals.
Masao iriyama was batting .400 for his Guadalupe Team in the Tule Lake Detention Camp, when his brother, a p[ilot, was killed in action while flying for the Shoen-Kok-hei - he was shot down in 1944 when a B-29 attacked Tokyo.
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